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Fleas and Ticks 


Age of Pet

Method of Action




Flavored, Chewable Monthly Pill

Dogs – 4 wks

Give with Food

Sterilizes Fleas; Controls major intestinal parasites (hookworms, roundworms, whipworms); prevents heartworms

Not effected by bathing 

Non-chemical, extremely safe

Easy to administer

Does not kill adult fleas

All pets in environment must be treated


Advantage Multi

Monthly spot-on topical

Dogs – 7wks

Cats – 8 wks

Controls Heartworms and Major Intestinal Parasites (hookworms, roundworms, whipworms); prevents heartworms

Kills adult fleas within 24 hours

Very rapid flea kill.  Paralyzes fleas before they can bite.

Very safe

Efficacy affected by bathing 

Potentially some resistance 

Messy to apply



Flavored, Chewable Monthly Pill

Dogs – 8 wks

 Give with Food

Chewable flavored tablet. Controls three major intestinal parasites: hookworms, roundworms and whipworms and fleas. prevents heartworms

Minimal  to no flea resistance

Not affected by bathing.

Broad spectrum parasite control.

Kills fleas and prevents infestations.

Tastes bad, some pet’s vomit after administration 

Use with care if pet seizures 

No Tick Control



Flavored, chewable pill given every 3 months

Dogs – 6 months or older

Give with Food

Remains at effective levels to kill fleas and ticks when they bite for 3 months

Kills TICKS for two to three months depending on the tick

Kills fleas for three months

Not affected by bathing.

ONLY for adult dogs older than 6 months



oral pill, given once

Dogs & Cats – 4 wks

Kills adult fleas rapidly

Very rapid flea kill

Can repeat daily if desired

No residual action after an hour



spot-on topical

Cats Only – 8wks

Kills Fleas

Topical (no pill)

Very little resistance

Potential vomiting 

May get hair loss at application site