Dr. Melissa Mintzas

Dr. Melissa Anderson Mintzas (pronounced like Ninjas but with an “M”) is the owner of True Companion Animal Hospital. Dr. Mintzas was raised right here in the Woodlands. She earned both her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University (Whoop!). She began practicing in the North Houston area in 2007 and jumped (quite excitedly) at the opportunity to join Dr. Webb’s practice in 2010. In 2019, Dr. Mintzas took over the reins of ownership from Dr. Webb and looks forward to continuing their vision for True Companion.

Dr. Mintzas has a fabulously wonderful husband, Luke, and they have the best little human in the world, Nicolas. They only have one dog right now, the very old and neurotic Holli. Dr. Mintzas is a horse girl at heart, having shared 22 years of her life with her grumpy old Quarter Horse, Windy.

Dr. Andrea Webb

Dr. Andrea Webb is the founder of True Companion Animal Hospital. She is a 1989 graduate of Texas A&M University. She established her career practicing at The Vet Center in Spring, Texas, then relocated to College Station to practice between 2001 and 2007. True Companion was the culmination of her life long dream of owning her own practice and she is so excited for the next chapter!

Dr. Webb and Eddie have two perfect, well-behaved children (you all believe that part, right?), Eddie Junior and Charli Michelle. Dr. Webb’s favorite parts of veterinary medicine are educating her clients and curing her patients who are subsequently very grateful and never bite her.

Along with her 30 years of experience as a veterinarian, Dr. Webb is also an experienced dog trainer and obedience class instructor. In life before children, she bred, trained, and showed Golden Retrievers. Presently, she finds life very full and rewarding with two cats, three dogs, and four horses.

Dr. Mira Rogers

Dr. Mira Rogers graduated from Texas A&M in 1997. She joined the True Companion team in April 2013. She fit in immediately and promises to spend the rest of her career her, no exceptions!

Dr. Rogers is married to her loving, handsome husband Ray. She has a very naughty dog named Crash (pictured above) who sometimes forgets his manners and bites people (she’s working on that).

Dr. Rogers’ favorite part of veterinary medicine is solving the diagnostic puzzle and then enjoying, hopefully, undying love and gratitude from her patients.


The support staff of a veterinary hospital is the backbone of the organization. These people have dedicated their careers and their lives to the care of animals.

Without them, doctors could not “doctor.”


Let’s begin with the first people you will see when you enter the clinic. The customer service representatives primary job is to serve you with a smile. They strive to make your visit as smooth and pleasant as possible!


Jolene joined the True Companion family in March 2018.

Jolene was born and raised in Houston and has lived in the area for many years. She came to us after working many years in the home building industry. She was looking for something a lot more fun and a little less stressful, and luckily she found that with us! She’s married to her highschool sweetheart, Jason and together they have two amazing kids, Dillan and Breanna. They also have 2 fur babies, Dixie who is a Catahoula mix, (AKA “mamas girl”) and Gunnar, who is the perfect example of a Pit Bull; cuddly and goofy! Her family and pups are her entire world. She loves helping people and seeing them happy.

Fun Fact: Jolene has been known to light up a Karaoke Night!


Allie joined the True Companion family in 2012!

Allie moved to Texas from sunny southern California after graduating with a BA in political science from USC & teaching credentials from Chapman University. Upon moving to Texas, Allie decided to change careers and follow her dream of working with animals AND people, so naturally, True Companion family was a perfect fit! Allie loves working hard to take care of the fantastic clients and patients and is a great at making people smile!

In her free time, Allie loves to shop and also enjoys spending time with her precious kitties, Monkey, Sammy and Kendra!

Fun Fact: Allie loves spicy food and makes it a point to eat at least one jalapeño a day. Her philosophy is that a jalapeño a day takes the sting out of life!



Veterinary technicians are the nurses of the veterinary team. They provide compassionate care for sick and hospitalized animals. Veterinary technicians are also educated about common pet healthcare issues. You will meet them in the exam rooms and can trust that they are taking good care of your pets behind the scenes.


Ana joined the True Companion Family in November 2009.

Ana is our (very beloved) Manager! She has been working as a Veterinary Technician for over 10 years. She and her husband have the loveliest baby girl named Liliana and a very handsome son, Isaac. Currently, her family’s only pet is their patient and loving Boxer, Schmeagle. Although he’s their only pet at the moment, Ana will always be a Pomeranian Mom at heart. Together, her family appreciates all things Astro’s and sports related (Go ‘Stros!) and experimenting with new foods and restaurants.

She also volunteers with the Houston Boxer Rescue as a Foster Mommy.


Abigail joined the True Companion family in 2014.

She loves working with puppies and instantly adores any Dachshund that walks through the door!! Abigail does a fantastic job taking care of patients and fills many roles here at True Companion. She can often be found taking care of ICU patients and managing hospitalized pets or you may see her in the exam rooms at your appointment. Abby also serves as the radiation safety officer in the hospital, which helps to keep us all safe!

When not at work, Abby enjoys kayak fishing, cooking and camping with her husband and family. Together they have 3 lovely Dapple Dachshunds named Dixie, Copper and Bonnet.

Fun Fact: Abby has an impressive knowledge of every O.P.I. nail polish color that has ever been made.


Stephanie joined the True Companion family in 2015.

She started out as a kennel technician and learned everything she knows right here in this hospital! She is passionate about owner education and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with anyone who will listen. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree with a focus in Microbiology. During her free time, Steph likes any sort of adventure she can have with her Rottweiler Mix (and Soulmate), Perceus. She also has a sassy rescue cat, Whiskey and a sweetest Papillon mix, Daphne.

Fun fact: Steph likes all things music related, from listening to live music or playing guitar herself. In fact, she knew Percy was her Soulmate when the first time she played her guitar in front of him, he curled up in her lap, completely unafraid of the loud noises.


Carly joined the True Companion family in 2016!

Carly is our Lead Surgical Technician and she assists our doctors during surgical procedures. As if we don’t keep her busy enough, she’s also pursuing a Nursing Degree in hopes to be a Pediatric Nurse. During her (very little!) free time, Carly enjoys doing all outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and fishing. She has a sweet kitty named “Petunia (the boy)”, who enjoys cuddling with his momma and indulging in the occasional french fry.

Fun Fact: Carly is quite the “Movie Buff”! She has an impressive knowledge of all sorts of movies, documentaries and TV shows.


Melissa joined the True Companion family in 2017!

She came to us with 7 years previous experience in Veterinary Medicine. While at her previous hospital, she worked her way up from Kennel Attendant to Surgical Technician. Here, she assists in surgical procedures and has an extensive knowledge of stress free restraint. When not at work, Melissa is working on an Environmental Science degree and enjoying being a mother to her precious son, Mayson. Together, they enjoy flying kites, playing her garden, and being mad scientists together!

Fun fact: Melissa has an identical twin named Megan and as a result, responds to both names!


Morgan joined the True Companion family in 2018!

Morgan is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree and hopes to become a Veterinary Pathologist. Her favorite parts of the job are the learning she has done and the relationships she has had the opportunity to build with the patients. After a hard day at work, Morgan enjoys curling up with her most precious angel, Little Lady. She also enjoys listening to live music and playing tabletop games with her friends.

Fun fact: Morgan is ALSO a twin (however, fraternal rather than identical) and she, like Melissa, responds to both Megan and her own name.


Carlie joined the True Companion family in May 2019.

Carlie is currently finishing her undergraduate studies at Sam Houston State University with a degree in Animal Science and Pre-Veterinary Medicine. After having, loving, and losing her precious TomTom to hip dysplasia, Carlie’s interest in Orthopedic Surgery was born and that is what she aspires to do. As a Veterinary Assistant, she treats our boarding guests as though they were her own and she helps the technicians and doctors behind the scenes. At home, she loves her boyfriend’s two Australian Shepherds, Korra and Kane and her two chihuahuas, Honey and Mojo. She is at her happiest around her fur babies and hopes to grow her little family by adding a Sphynx cat and Labrador someday.

Fun Fact: Carlie’s dream job was originally to be a mermaid, but after some deeper thought and lack of appropriate uniform (i.e. gills and a tail) she focused on her love for animals instead.


Shannon joined the True Companion team in 2019!