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Veterinary technicians are the nurses of the veterinary team.  They provide compassionate care for sick and hospitalized animals.  Veterinary technicians are also educated about common pet healthcare issues.  You will meet them in the exam rooms and can trust that they are taking good care of your pets behind the scenes.


Nancy is the type of person who should never work at a vet clinic. The reason for this is that her extreme love of pets coupled with her compassion and, frankly, lack of self discipline leads her to bring home needy pets much too frequently to her husband James' liking. 

Oh well, that can't be helped because Nancy and Dr. Webb go way back. Nancy and Dr. Webb first met at The Vet Center way back in 1994. They worked together until 2000 when they both left for greener pastures. Nancy landed at Lexicon where she worked with the little animals (mice). James is very thankful she did not bring home a bunch of needy mice!

Nancy and Dr. Webb are now happily re-united at True Companion where true to Nancy's nature, she has already gained another pet, her schnauzer, Tubby Bear. Nancy shares her home with 16 year old Weasel (obtained while working at The Vet Center), Buddy (our generous blood donor), and Simon the cat. The humans in her life include her husband James, daughter Jessica, and excessively cute grandchildren, Korbyn and Chloe.



Ana joined the True Companion Family in November 2009.

She has been working as a Veterinary Technician for approximately 10 years.  She and her husband have an adorable sweet baby girl named Liliana (also know as Princess Liliana), and 4 furry children: 2 dogs, Pomeranian Penny (the spoiled brat), and Boxer Shmeagle (the rescue dog); and 2 cats, Rocky and Oreo, both Domestic Shorthairs. 

She also volunteers with the Houston Boxer Rescue as a Foster Mommy.  


Kelly joined the True Companion Family in  February 2010.

She and her husband, Teddy, have 3 babies of the four-legged variety: two Mastiffs named Beau and Piggy and a kitty named Sally May.

When not at work, she enjoys karate and softball, as well as relaxing at the lake.


Ginger joined True Companion in January 2009.   However, basically she was just coming home because she, like Nancy, is an old friend of Dr. Webb's from The Vet Center.

Ginger had a special place in her heart for the big dogs & Great Danes. She had a beautiful blue Great Dane, Shane and also shared her home with Elliot a Pit mix, several cats, multiple goats, with a few children and a husband thrown in.

We lost Ginger to a tragic car accident in June 2010.  We miss her greatly every day, and she will always have her place here in our True Companion Family. 

We love you Mama G!!



Abigail joined the True Companion family in 2014.

She loves working with puppies and instantly adores any Dachshund that walks though the door!! Abigail does a fantastic job taking care of patients and fills many roles here at True Companion. She can often be found taking care of ICU patients and managing hospitalized pets or you may see her in the exam rooms at your appointment. Abby also serves as the radiation safety officer in the hospital, which helps to keep us all safe!

When not at work, Abby enjoys kayak fishing, cooking and camping.  She also loves spending time with her family and has 3 lovely dapple Dachshunds named Dixie, Copper and Bonnet.  Abby also has an impressive knowledge of every O.P.I. nail polish color that has ever been made!



Stephanie joined the True Companion family in 2015.

Stephanie does a fabulous job in every area of the hospital!She previously worked with the boarding pets, helping to keep them as spoiled as they are at home.  Stephanie now works full time as a technician and loves to educate owners about preventative care topics. Steph is always excited to learn new skills and is always interested in the complex medicine cases. Her enthusiasm is contagious! When not at work, Steph enjoys spending time with her really sweet Pug (Pugly) and her handsome Rottweiler Shepherd mix (Percy).


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